Need a Place to Take Your Scrap Metal?

Need a Place to Take Your Scrap Metal?

Recycle it at our state-of-the-art facility

From metal tools and equipment to containers, you use metal every day. But what do you do when you have scrap metal that's served its purpose? There's no reason to let it go to waste when you can bring it to J. Trockman & Sons, Inc. We provide customized industrial scrap metal management solutions.

We can make your scrap metal useful at our state-of-the-art metal processing facility. You won't have to lift a finger-our crew can take care of collecting your metal, loading it up and hauling it off. We'll weigh the scrap and give you a competitive price so you can make money while keeping useful metal out of the local landfill.

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Make us your retail recycling company

J. Trockman & Sons has grown into a fully-functional facility that has the tools needed to recycle all kinds of materials from retailers in the Evansville area. We can process...

Stainless steel
Steel alloys
Cast iron

Not sure if your metal is recyclable? Call us at 812-425-5271 to get help from our dedicated technician.